CSEJ archive

Since 2002, CSEJ has worked to build a reputation for Washington State University Vancouver as a site of socially engaged research and community service. CSEJ has sponsored two regional conferences and has partnered with local universities and some 50 community organizations to sponsor lectures and public forums on issues of concern locally, nationally and globally.

Many of these programs, recorded and edited by Fort Vancouver Cable Television (FVTV), have been broadcast multiple times to the broader Vancouver and Portland metro areas, with an estimated reach of 405,000 households. Some are available via podcasting on Google Video. One program, a lecture by award-winning photojournalist P. Sainath on globalization in India, was broadcast over Free Speech TV on the Dish Network, with a reach of more than 25 million households in 34 states.

WSU Vancouver Library

  • CSEJ Collection - A digital collection of documents and reports pertaining to social and environmental justice research in Clark County.

Social and Environmental Justice Research Colloquia

The following events are available in the video archive: